Ravi responds to £4.5m investment to bridge technology gap

In an aim to bridge the technology gap between the NHS and social care, local authorities are set to receive £4.5m in order to develop digital adult social care projects.

The investment has the potential to fund a range of developments, from using sensors to establish normal behaviour for individuals, to creating shared care records that combine both medical and social care information, and allowing information held by a care home to smoothly integrate into hospital IT systems as a person is admitted to hospital.

This initiative looks to bring the NHS and social care sector into the 21st Century and save NHS staff and carers hours in administrative tasks.

Reacting to the news, Ravi Bains said:

“Bridging the technology gap between the NHS and social care is vital so this is a great step forward. Technology must be harnessed to streamline processes, ensure accuracy and save time for our care professionals.

“It’s very positive that we are already seeing progress being made in the social care sector under our new government. I hope to see more developments in government policy around adult social care in the near future, particularly in terms of increased funding and technological developments.”


Ravi Bains

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