Ravi Reacts to new research highlighting health and financial inequalities for older BAME people

Earlier this week, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), University College London (UCL) and the Centre for Ageing Better released a study indicating that people from BAME communities who are over 50 years old are likely to be among the poorest 20% in Britain.

Their research found that BAME people in this age group are more likely to retire later and are less likely to own their own home than white people of the same age, suggesting a disparity in other sources of income such as pension savings and assets.

Reacting to the news, Ravi said:

“I am very disappointed and concerned by the findings of this research, but sadly not surprised. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have already seen how entrenched inequalities in healthcare outcomes are for BAME people in Britain, and unfortunately it does not stop there.

“Racial inequalities are ingrained in our society at every level and we must address racism in all its forms, whenever it occurs, to prevent further stark inequalities in health and financial wellbeing arising later in life. I strongly believe that now is time for action from Government and businesses alike.”


Ravi Bains

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