Ravi Reacts – health and social care workers must reapply for visas

Earlier this year, the Government automatically extended NHS and social care visas due to expire by October 1st for 12 months. However, now that this date has passed all health and social care workers who require a visa will have to reapply when their current visa expires.

In the face of the uncertainty of Brexit and a second wave of the virus, the potential loss of a large number of social care workers could leave the sector significantly understaffed. This could be harmful at a time where the UK’s healthcare systems are already bracing for seasonal flu diseases as well as Covid-19.

Reacting to the news, Ravi said:

“The Government did the right thing by extending the visas of health and social care workers during the first wave of the pandemic, allowing the sector to continue functioning to deliver outstanding care during a time of crisis.

“Now as the second wave is arriving and we face an uncertain winter of seasonal illnesses, it is essential that both the NHS and social care sector are able to operate at full capacity to continue their exceptional work. The potential loss of thousands of health and social care workers could be very dangerous during this period, and I urge the Government to work with the sector to safeguard public health.”


Ravi Bains

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