As one of the United Kingdom’s leading social care entrepreneurs and renowned sector experts, Ravi Bains is a shining example of how hard work and community values can lead to business success.

Due to his success and expertise in the sector, Ravi is a sought-after speaker and contributor to discussions on the future of social care provision. He is actively working with politicians to solve the current social care crisis, acting as an advisor to various bodies to help them better understand the current pressures facing the social care system, the impact this has on carers, care recipients, and businesses, and how the system should best evolve to meet the growing demands from support from a rapidly aging population.

Ravi has always wanted to help others, driven by his sense of duty and inspired by his family’s dedication to community activism. This explains both his commitment to care, and his dedication to charitable work. Read more about Ravi’s philanthropic activity here.

Whilst exceptionally busy dedicating his life to his business and philanthropic interests, Ravi still carves some time out of his busy schedule to support his favourite sport, football. He is passionate about the sport and believes that keeping fit and active is an important part of personal wellbeing.