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As one of the United Kingdom’s leading social care entrepreneurs and renowned sector experts, Ravi Bains is a shining example of how hard work and community values can lead to business success.

Ravi founded a bespoke care group to bring together complimentary care companies with the same core values. The Care Concern Group consists of Liberty Support, a high-quality learning disabilities and mental health support service, and Yorhealth, an ‘Outstanding’ rated bespoke service supporting children with a range of complex needs, ensuring they receive the expert care and support they require.
5 Rivers Equity is Ravi’s latest venture, where he will be putting two decades of expertise towards developing and empowering businesses. From health and social care to property and private equity, Ravi will be working with organisations that promote innovation. Ravi is looking to invest time and resource into businesses that are seeking to grow, and those that have a clear and defined exit strategy.

Business Growth: Ravi has over 20 years of experience developing and growing businesses into market leaders.

Market Intelligence: Ravi has developed a keen ability to spot market opportunities, evolving his businesses to meet consumer demands.  

Specialist Knowledge: Ravi has become an industry leader, whose expert knowledge is respected by business leaders and policy makers.

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