In every aspect of life, Ravi is driven to giving back to the community. He derives this keen sense of duty from his parents, who instilled an ethic of social and moral responsibility in him from a young age. As a result, Ravi pledges much of his spare time to a variety of philanthropic causes and is involved in numerous charitable causes and has done so since early adulthood, from assisting with monetary donations to offering valuable support and advice. 

Ravi hopes to develop his involvement with charitable organisations even more in the future, focusing particularly on helping individuals from a low socio-economic background and those in the BAME community, helping to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Ravi’s philanthropic work includes:

Going back over 20 years, Ravi has given advice and support to a number of young entrepreneurs in sectors ranging from property to food production plants, to IT and tech-start-ups, and the arts.  Many of these have gone on to flourish and develop into successful businesses leading to further opportunities. Initially, these start-ups were local to Ravi’s hometown of Wolverhampton but over recent years Ravi has supported businesses nationwide.

From this experience, Ravi learned first-hand how empowering giving advice, support and encouragement to a young person can be. Since then, Ravi has dedicated his time over the years to mentoring young people in the West Midlands and imparting his years of business experience. He has helped many people across all sectors, including entrepreneurs and a young UK Grime artist. Ravi’s goal is to empower these mentees to achieve beyond their highest aspirations through his guidance and support.

Ravi believes we all have a role in championing the youth of today to achieve their goals, particular those who may not have the advantages others do. To this end, Ravi is now the first Ambassador for EmployabilityUK, a charity which facilitates employer engagement with young people, enhancing their aspirations, opportunities and career prospects.

The charity’s most recent expansion to the East Midlands has been “generously supported” by Ravi and the Sevacare team. The free office space provided by Ravi and Meridian Health and Social Care has enabled the charity to increase the capacity of students they are able to work with to more than 250 in the coming year.

Football is one of Ravi’s great loves. His work with the Punjab United Sports Club (spanning over 40 years from supporter to player to management) therefore allowed him to combine his passion for the sport, with his dedication to empowering the next generation. Ravi is an advocate for the transformative role sport can play in instilling confidence in young people, allowing the individual to flourish as well as instilling a sense of belonging. This ethos encapsulated his term as the Chairman of the Club between 2015-2018, and under his stewardship the organisation thrived, expanded and enjoyed unprecedented success.

Inspired by his parents’ principle of inclusivity, as Chairman Ravi helped foster an environment of acceptance irrespective of a child’s race, gender, religion or disability. The club brought together the local community with a shared loved of the sport, encouraging greater community spirit and opportunities for young people.

Ravi has always been an advocate of women’s rights as a result of his parents’ teachings. In his role at the Punjab United Sports Club, Ravi sought to inspire everyone to come and play football, particularly young Asian girls, which he has done through the setting up of more teams and the hire of a female coach. He passionately believes in overcoming the boundaries that limit a young person’s potential.

– Bradford University Womens Football Team (2015/2016)
– Punjab United Sports Adults Sunday Football team (2012/2013)
– Wyrley Tigers Under 10’s, Walsall (2015/2016)
– Fleet Town Ladies and Girls football team (2016/2017)
– Pontypridd Town AFC under 9’s (2016)
– AFC Manchester Girls under 11’s (2012/2013)

Ravi Bains has been a passionate supporter of The Toy Appeal since it was started in 2018, particularly given his affinity for the health and social care sector. The charity delivers toys to a number of organisations and children’s hospitals, bringing together people from different races and religions for a fantastic cause. Ravi and the companies that make up the Grosvenor Health & Social Care group are regularly involved in donating and delivering toys to the children The Toy Appeal support.

Ravi is now an official Brand Ambassador and has an active part in this year’s Christmas Campaign, working alongside 167 organisations including the LFC foundation, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Great Ormand Street Hospital, and Acorns Children Hospice in order to deliver toys and gifts to thousands of Children this festive season.

Work is ongoing to establish the Sita Bains Foundation. This organisation is very personal to Ravi and has been created in memory of his mother who sadly passed away in 2016. The foundation aims to continue the brilliant work she started helping under-privileged children in India. These fantastic initiatives included building and kitting out with furniture and IT equipment an extension to a school in Maheru, Punjab,  helping local cancer camps, distributing clothes amongst the very poor, and setting up eye care clinics.

Ravi has vowed to continue to support access to education for all young people. Through the foundation, he aims to set up a scholarship programme for young girls in Maheru to financially support a number of them from early education through to university.

More, exciting details will follow soon.